A mother must know how to enforce her rights

A mother must know how to enforce her rights

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You are pregnant ? Do you have a child under the age of 3 in your arms and are you waiting for your turn to renew your driving license at the prefecture? Well know that you have priority. Employees have to put you before everyone else. If you are a little embarrassed, say that this is an advantage that benefits your toddler first of all who will not have to sweat in his combi-pilot for 2 hours.

And if, to be even more comfortable, you need a priority card, do not hesitate to ask your Caf. It is issued free of charge to pregnant women, mothers of a child under 3 years or two children under 4 years. Practical, especially since it is also valid in transport.

A mother needs to be well

Basics of well-being, even zenitude: true food hygiene and quality sleep. Side plate, heal. Regular meals, balanced, a little cooked, varied ... Sleep side: quantity (each has its own needs) and favorable conditions (good bedding, quiet room ...).

If your nights are frequently interrupted because the youngest needs to be reassured, the law of alternation is in order. Once the father, once the mother, so that everyone enjoys, at least one night out of two, a continuous sleep.

Carole Renucci

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