Name Jibril - Meaning and origin

Name Jibril - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Jibril is the Arabic transcription of "Gabriel". "Gabriel" is an archangel present in several religions, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
Male name of Hebrew origin, "Gabriel" is composed of two terms: "gabar" which means "to be strong" and "el", whose meaning is "god".


Jibril Rajoub is a Palestinian politician and member of the "Fatah" party, Djibril Cissé, French football player, Jibreel Black, American rugby player who plays on the Wolverines team of Michigan, Jibreel Khazan, Afro-American human rights activist -américaine.

His character :

Jibril is a lover of travel, discovery and the simple pleasures of life. He longs for his friends and loved ones to find happiness. In his everyday life, Jibril is someone who does not easily reveal his emotions and often hides behind jokes and jokes. In reality, he is sensitive and emotional.


Gavri'el, Gavrail, Gavril, Dzhabrail, Gabrijel, Gabby, Gabe, Gabi, Gabriele, Gabrielius, Gavril, Gavrel ...

His party :

We celebrate Jibril on September 29th.

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