A fulfilling sex life during your pregnancy

A fulfilling sex life during your pregnancy

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For nine months, your lovemaking will evolve and you ask a thousand questions because many myths circulate on the subject. The opportunity to restore some truths.

First quarter: peace after the storm

  • If you are pregnant, it is a priori, you have a sex life quite active. However, at the beginning of your pregnancy, perhaps you will prefer the restraint because your new state upsets you. If in addition you have nausea and increased fatigue, it will not help your libido!
  • Maybe you still feel fragile and dread that relationships with your spouse put your baby at risk.
  • What is it really ? Regular sex at this stage does not increase the risk of miscarriage. Special case: if you have bleeding, the doctor will probably advise you to temporarily give up the reports. When the danger is eliminated, you will be able to lead a normal love life again.
  • Know that early in your pregnancy, the organs in your pelvis are better irrigatedwhich is favorable to desire. It is even more likely that you could reach orgasm more easily. Enjoy!

Second quarter: 100% vitality

  • From the 16th to the 30th week of pregnancy, you feel really good and your body has become accustomed to its new condition: your breasts are bigger and your shapes rounder. Your little belly is still easy to wear. Ideal conditions for desire!
  • Still, the day you feel your baby move for the first timePerhaps you will have some scruples: what does he feel during the reports? Is he disturbed?
  • What is it really ? The female orgasm has an effect on the uterus: the placenta then briefly sends less blood to the baby. It is a training for its circulation and in no way a lack that could cause him harm.

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