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A visit to the castle?

A visit to the castle?

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Why go to visit a castle? Because it appeals to the imaginary of your little one, to the knights and princesses who populate the tales. He's a bit scared with his high dungeons, his loopholes and his armor ... We cross the drawbridge?

In the Périgord: Castelnaud Castle

  • Be careful, there is Castelnau and Castelnaud a few kilometers from each other. The two castles are very beautiful, but the one that will please your little knights is Castelnaud with its armor, its catapult shots and its medieval village (with its small shops where you sell costumes!).
  • What will please your child: Lady Ermeline's tales. She has a whole stock that she reads to you with pleasure according to the age of your children (from 3 hours and a half to 6 hours during the week) ... Take a seat on the cushions !
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In Alsace: the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg

  • What a panorama! This magnificent 12th century castle overlooks the plain of Alsace, the Vosges and the Black Forest at an altitude of 757 m. Hop, we climb the spiral stairs, at the top of the dungeon ...
  • What will please your child: the mountain of the monkeys but also, for the older ones, its playful visits. Every day at 11:00, 13:30, 15:00 and 16:15, you walk through the castle with Franz the innkeeper, Marguerite the nurse, who tell you about their life in the 15th century.
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In Provence: the castle of Les Baux de Provence

  • Cape on the south, near Arles. This medieval fortress dominates one of the most beautiful villages in France and smells of Provence.
  • What will please your child: catapult shots, animations and animal training shows, including the one with the bears. They take place every weekend by bearings.
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Go to CastlesMédiévaux.Com or your tourist office to discover a castle near you.

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