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A little magic massage to concentrate

A little magic massage to concentrate

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Here is a little exercise that does not last more than a few minutes, to learn to focus and stay calm. From 3 years old, your child can do it alone, with your help.

He needs

  • A little vegetable oil (sweet almond for example) or milk for the body, a quiet place.

How to do ?

The first few times, show your child how to go about it. Tell him that each gesture is done by gently pressing his finger and making a well rounded motion.

  • 1) With an index, mass gently, in order: the top of your skull, the center of your forehead, one temple, then the other, above your mouth.
  • 2) With both indexes, then massage the top of your neck.
  • 3) Ends by the perimeter and lobe of each ear.
  • 4) Now train on your parents or your brothers and sisters.

Variation: pTo rest your tired eyes after a long day, close them and gently massage them with your fingertips.

The benefit of this activity

  • A gentle massage relaxes and facilitates concentration by targeting specific points: the top of the skull, the forehead, the temples, the upper lip, the top of the neck, the flag and the earlobe. It will allow a child too angry to return quickly to calm.
  • Have fun doing "massage exchanges" with your children, especially the little ones, for example once a week. This will strengthen your complicity while helping to memorize the massage points and the sequence.
  • For an even more effective massage, stimulate the blood circulation of the fingers by gently squeezing each of them between the thumb and forefinger.

To read

Find other de-stressing activities in this little book "100 soothing activities for children from 3 to 10 years old", Gilles Diederichs, editions Mango.

Through 100 thematic sheets, you child will learn to relax while having fun and will live better emotions.

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