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A porter, but which one?

A porter, but which one?

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The bearer is a toy well appreciated by apprentice walkers! How to choose it? What safety instructions? Our advices.

The bearer, why?

  • The carrier is also and above all a vehicle on which your child can sit, legs well folded, to run with the help of his feet. Equipped with a steering wheel or handlebars and wheels, a trunk to carry toys and stuffed animals and a horn to warn of its arrival, the wearer encourages and promotes the motor skills of your child, while giving him confidence in him.
  • The carrier is most often a vehicle to push, like a truck, equipped with a bar or a steering wheel that allows your child to grip it. Thus, he trains to move, muscle his legs and control his balance by building on the machine and, of course, pushing it.

The carrier, security side

  • Choose the carrier according to the age of your child, its size, balance, first steps ... There are models from 6 months, but most are for 10-12 months. It must bear the EN71 standard, the CE marking and the manufacturer's contact details.

The right size

  • Better comply with the age indication given by the manufacturer. The good idea? Choose it with your child to make sure he is able to move forward once seated on the machine.

Safia Amor

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