A meal prepared together is better

A meal prepared together is better

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new number of the collection "The Essentials of: 54 tracks so that it eats of everything", sold with the September issue of. Today, tasting together is important.

  • More than nine out of ten children like to participate in preparing meals with their parents. This creates a family dynamic and prepares tasting of shared dishes. Suggest that he bring his little touches, depending on his age and what he likes to do. Break the eggs, mix the ingredients of a cake, it's funny. But remove the scales from the fish? Wash the salad? Prepare the beans? Go, we all go there. And since children seem to appreciate what they are cooking better, you could encourage yours to cook foods that they do not like. At least he will taste more readily.

And baby leaders, does it exist?

  • But yes, the youngest, around 2 years old, can do it with your help. No question of giving them a knife, but beating an omelette with you or turning the hot semolina to mix a little butter is possible by holding the spatula with them. Oh, he put his finger in the dish to taste. It's a good sign.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

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