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Vaccines: are you in focus?

Vaccines: are you in focus?

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Vaccines are a protection against very serious diseases. Vaccines not only protect it, but it also reduces the risk of epidemics. Some vaccinations are mandatory, others recommended ... How exactly does it work? When to vaccinate? Our file.

His vaccination schedule from 0 to 13 years

What vaccinations are required and recommended for your baby or child? Find the schedule of his vaccines published by the Ministry of Health.

Which vaccines?

A vaccine, how it works and why reminders

Vaccinating your child protects him and also helps to limit the risk of an epidemic. How does a vaccine work? What are the required and recommended vaccines? Why call back? Answers.

The vaccination in question.

First vaccines, do not panic

2 months already ... your baby has an appointment with his first injection against diphtheria, tetanus and polio. Do you worry a little bit about this vaccination?

Vaccine, it'll be fine!

Are you up to date on vaccines?

You never fail to take your child to the doctor for his vaccinations, but are you unchallenged on the subject? Check it out by doing our quiz.

Our vaccine quiz.

Non-compulsory vaccines

All vaccines in the calendar are not mandatory. Some are only recommended. MMR, hepatitis, whooping cough ... we take stock.

Recommended vaccines

Influenza, chickenpox, papillomavirus ... his big vaccines

When entering CP, if your child's immunization schedule is not up to date, the school doctor will report it. Here is a small reminder of the vaccinations to do for your child.

Which vaccines for my child?

Which vaccines pregnant?

Before starting your pregnancy, it is recommended to check your immunization coverage. Are vaccines and pregnancy compatible? Which ones to do and which to avoid?

Which vaccines for me?