Name Joanis - Meaning of thumbs

Name Joanis - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

Derived from the first name John, Joanis comes from the Germanic terms "yo" and "hanan" meaning "God is merciful".


General Joanis Metaksas was a Greek military and politician.
Joanis Kapodistrias or Earl Kapodistrias was the first president of independent Greece.
The Catholic Church lists many saints who bore the first name John. We note in particular St. John the Evangelist, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. Son of Zebedee, he appears in the first of the list of these twelve disciples. In the Gospel according to John, tradition denotes Saint John as "the Disciple whom Jesus loved".

His character :

Joanis is a man of honor with a greatness of soul without equal. He has a sense of justice that sometimes confuses those around him. Intelligent and active, he succeeds brilliantly in everything he undertakes. He is capable of great achievements thanks to his courage and his enthusiasm. The mind always awake, it exhausts those who try to follow his rhythm. Stubborn and not very tolerant, Joanis hates mediocrity. Perfect perfectionist, he always aims higher and continues to exceed his own limits.
Being sensitive, this man is always looking for affection and tenderness. Love holds a huge place in his life. He is able to lift mountains when he is in love. Passionate about nature and animals, Joanis loves to go on an adventure. To feel alive, he needs to discover new horizons.


Joannie, Joannes, Joanie, Joany, Jannis, Joann, Janis and Joan.

His party :

The party dedicated to people named Joanis is scheduled for December 27.

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