Name Joao - Meaning and origin

Name Joao - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This male given name comes from the Hebrew "yo and hanan" which can be translated as "God is merciful".


João Teixeira de Faria is a Brazilian healer, surgeon-psychic and psychic based in Abadiania in the state of Goias.
João Gilberto is a Brazilian artist and musician known to the public as the creator or forerunner of bossa nova.
João Pinto is a former Portuguese professional footballer.
João Miranda is a Brazilian professional footballer playing in the prestigious Spanish club Atletico Madrid. He is one of the best central backs of the Spanish Liga.
João Moutinho is an international Portuguese footballer. In 2013, the British magazine Four Four Two ranked it 61st on the list of Top 100 Footballers of the Year.
João Rodriguez is a Colombian footballer. He occupies the position of center forward.
João Pedro da Silva Pereira is a Portuguese professional footballer from Lisbon. In his career, he went through several clubs including FC Valencia and Hanover 96.
João Sousa is a Portuguese professional tennis player famous for being the first Portuguese to win an ATP singles tournament.

His character :

Joao is appreciated by his entourage for his open, jovial and friendly character. Generous by nature and pleasant company, Joao has an irresistible charm in addition to being brilliant and intelligent. In public, he does not hesitate to amuse the gallery to draw attention to him. On the other hand, Joao has a mind constantly awake. He is also very stubborn, especially when he embarks on a project that is close to his heart. Joao can also rely on his calm and thoughtful temperament to progress with confidence. Behind his false flippancy, Joao has an exemplary morality. He will often find it difficult to balance things between his family life and his professional career.


Jean, Joas, Joad, Johad, Jo, Jugo, Jogo, Julio, Juliano and Judico.

His party :

The Joao are celebrated on June 24 or December 27.

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