Name Joceline - Meaning of thumbs

Name Joceline - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Coming from a German masculine given name, Joceline's spelling differs according to languages. Thus, "Gaudelenus", "Gautselin" and "Gauzlin" are the same version of Joceline. The name Joceline is derived from the Germanic "Gault", which formerly named a Germanic tribe.
The Normans introduced this name in England in slightly modified forms, such as "Josselin" or "Goscelin", which were popular until the 14th century. The name is repopularized towards the 20th century.
The meaning of Joceline or "Yshay" in Hebrew culture is "God is my salvation".
In English and French, Joceline is simply the feminine of the medieval name, "Josselin".


Jocelyne d'Agostino, author of the successful novel "A woman so wise".

Born January 7, 1973 in Saint-Claude, Guadeloupe Jocelyne Labylle, singer of zouk.

Jocelyne Béroard, French singer, member of the Kassav 'group.

Jocelyne Saab, Lebanese director of documentary films.

Jocelyne Desverchère, French actress.

Brother of King Saint Judicaël in the 7th century in Brittany, Saint Josse lived as a hermit in the Pas-de-Calais after the death of his wife.

His character :

Joceline is far from being the one who follows the crowd. On the contrary, his strong personality allows him to be a leader. Joceline focuses on specific goals and tries to achieve them with determination and determination. Courageous and creative, she is confident in the realization of many projects.


Jocelin, Joselyn, Joslyn, Josslyn, Josselin, Jocelyne, Josseline, Joceran, Jocerand, Jochen and Jocia.

His party :

The Jocelynes are celebrated on December 13th.

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