In utero travel: the 3rd quarter

In utero travel: the 3rd quarter

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Well nestled in the hollow of your stomach, your baby is already growing at a phenomenal speed! Let's look at it in the 3rd quarter of its development.

7th month

Amazing all the progress made by your baby. Everything is in place, it only remains to expand a little and make a beauty. Let's admire it!

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The 8th month

That's it ! He has the appearance of a real baby, almost chubby. He is beginning to feel a little cramped. Let's enter his world!

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The 9th month

Home stretch ! Ready for the big day, your baby is perfect until the last moment. Let's observe it!

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Do not miss the trips in the heart of the 1st quarter and the 2nd quarter.

How does your baby develop in the 3rd trimester? Our article.

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