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Traveling with baby: 5 tips for a stress-free journey

Traveling with baby: 5 tips for a stress-free journey

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Soon the holidays ! But before ... you have to overcome the challenge of traveling with your little one! Relax, the trips are likely to take place in the best conditions thanks to these 5 tips offered by the magazine Popi.

1. Anticipate motion sickness

  • It is better for your child to eat well before leaving. In fact, the symptoms of motion sickness are lessened when the stomach is full. You can also plan light snacks to swallow regularly during the trip. In the same way, the demonstrations will be smaller if your little one is rested and slept well the day before. To mask bad smells (hot plastic, gasoline ...) that aggravate nausea, a good idea is to take with you a handkerchief impregnated with perfume. Finally, ask your doctor to prescribe your medicine (which is sleepy), or buy a homeopathic remedy on the advice of your pharmacist.
  • A parent tip: "My daughter is less sick in the car when I manage to capture her attention and make her look something in the landscape. For example, we count red cars together. "Nathalie, mother of Nina, 3 years old.

2. To leave at the right time

  • Just plan the departure at a time when your toddler has a chance to fall asleep! Early in the morning or after lunch, for example. An hour or two of sleep, it's already won!
  • A parent tip: "When our little boy falls asleep by car, he tends to be grumpy when he wakes up. Attached in his car seat, he finds himself hindered in his movements while he wants to move after his nap! We take the opportunity to take a break to avoid getting too excited and the rest of the trip turns into a nightmare. "Luce, mother of Romain, 18 months.

3. Have a surprise bag

  • If your child is busy, the time should be shorter. Keeping a bag full of distractions on hand can save your trip! Which toys slide in? Little characters to handle, a new toy or with which he has not played for a long time to stir his curiosity. Exceptionally (and in small doses!), The tablet, to watch a cartoon or make a game, can be life-saving. However, this activity can cause motion sickness.
  • A parent tip: "I sit in the back of the car next to my daughter. I avoid reading a book because it makes her sick, but I tell her stories, making gestures, taking all kinds of voices. A real show that captivates long moments! "Nathalie.

4. Prepare an antistress playlist

  • If the music softens the mores, it also greatly facilitates long trips with a toddler! It is proven that music acts on the brain, promotes the production of hormones well-being and limits the secretion of those of stress. In addition to music CDs, those of stories also captivate children.
  • A parent tip: "We have several CDs of rhymes that Nina knows by heart: she is able to sing and mime them from first to last, without ever getting tired!" Nathalie.

5. Take care of breaks

  • Every two hours, the break is necessary ... even every half hours if necessary. It's a safety rule for the driver, but it's also the maximum time that a toddler can hold up without breaking! By regularly offering a quarter of an hour of walking or games, he can relax and chase the tension accumulated during the trip.
  • A parent tip: "Before the departure, we find on the Internet the motorway areas that offer activities for children, playgrounds and secure play areas." Luce.

Isabelle Gravillon, for the parent supplement of Popi magazine, July 2016.