Working Mum: simplify shopping with Little Stork

Working Mum: simplify shopping with Little Stork

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When you're a mom, you quickly become an expert in multitasking! But between children, work, household chores, couples, friends, and so on ... to survive, you must know how to defeat!

And precisely, we found the solution to delegate the clothing of your children. But no question of botching the style, we want our kids to be the best look of the playground!

This task has been assigned to Little Stork, the young sprout who dresses your children from birth to 14 years old.

How do they do ? You fill a child profile with your tastes, needs and desires of the moment. This information will serve as a basis for a stylist who will select two or three looks for you. All delivered to your home to serenely try with your family.

How much does it cost ? Malle's order is free. The principle is simple: try before you buy! To get an idea, each garment costs on average between 10 € and 30 €. They offer attractive discounts if you keep all the outfits (up to -25%).

And what if I do not like it? You will not pay anything. You return the entire Malle with their prepaid label and will not be charged. No delivery charges, and returns are systematically offered.

Small +: serene fittings at home, and the choice of family looks. We also like the exciting side when we receive and open the trunk with the little ones.

We got you a nice offer: 10 € offered on your first Malle from 60 € of preserved articles, with the code JEDELEGUE (valid until 31/12/18).

In these conditions, it is easy to delegate! So this Saturday, prefer a family outing to an afternoon shopping. Brief their stylists, they take care of the rest ??