Name Jon - Meaning and origin

Name Jon - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Like many names, Jon has Hebrew origins and comes from "Yehohanan". "Yehohanan", composed of "Yeho" and "hanan", means "God forgives".
Jonathan's abbreviation also derives his roots from "Jehova", meaning "lovable", "gift of God" or "favor of God".
In addition, Jon is often used in compound first names like Jon-Paul or Jon-Carlo.


American producer, screenwriter and actor Jon Cryer, best known for his interpretation of Charlie Sheen's brother in the sitcom "Two and a half men", Jon Snow, character of the "Game of Thrones" saga, Jonathan Vincent Voight, known as Jon Voight, American actor and father of Angelina Jolie, writer, director, producer and American actor Jon Favreau ...

His character :

Jon is a troublemaker. He surprises by his ability to make friends, but also by his kindness and wisdom. Very mature for his age, he is always ready to listen to you and provide wise advice so that you can progress.


Evan, Ewan, Giovanni, Ian, Ioannes, Ivan, Ivano, Jan, Jann, Janot, John, Jehan, Joao, Johan, Johann, Johannes, Johannus, John, Johnny, Juan and Jones.

His party :

December 27th.

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