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The Christmas of Odilon the donkey

The Christmas of Odilon the donkey

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The countryside slept under the snow. Christmas had planted icy stars in the black sky. Stunned by the warmth of his stable, Odilon absently chewed a few strands of soft straws, letting his eyes get lost on the outside.

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  • - Okay darling ? asked his mother. - For a donkey, yes.
  • His dad, who was standing next to them, sighed. "Why do you always answer" for a donkey "when someone asks you a question, Odilon? Did you work well at school? For a donkey, yes. Did you have fun with your friends? For a donkey, yes. You're not happy to be a donkey? "" For a donkey, yes. A littleā€¦
  • His mother leaned over and whispered to her. "You're wrong. You are the most wonderful creature in the universe.
  • Odilon smiled, but his melancholy did not disappear. He was dreaming ... someone else, someone tall, someone noble. And on this New Year's Eve, he was eager to receive his present.
  • Evening fell, and Odilon, whose parents had gone out for a walk under the moon, lay down on his litter. He was so anxious to be the next day that he hastened to close his eyes.
  • He had scarcely fallen asleep when a hand shook him. He straightened his head. "Good evening, Odilon," said Santa Claus, seated next to him. "But ... but ..." Odilon mumbled. Is it already morning? "" No, otherwise I would not be here. I wanted to give you your gift very quickly.

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