Name Josselyn - Meaning of the origin

Name Josselyn - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Josselyn gets closer to Josse and comes from the Germanic terms "gauz" which designates a deity and "lind" which means soft. It means "son of God who is sweet".

His character :

Josselyn is emotional, sensitive and thoughtful. He always controls himself and does not let himself be carried away by his emotions. His qualities include irreproachable moral values, although he may lack objectivity in certain situations. He never stands up against anyone but always looks for ways to get along. Very instinctive, he is particularly good at business. These qualities are worth to him to succeed what he undertakes. He takes into account the opinions of others and may think of changing his mind but will remain on his positions. He crumples easily, reacts quarter-turn, can be aggressive and likes to distract his entourage by acting.
Josselyn's strength is found in his will, his enthusiasm and his ability to stay motivated and even stubborn. Nevertheless, he tends to become aggressive when he does not get what he wants because he can not stand failure. He is sure of himself, takes risks and his voluntary spirit often leads him to success. He always tries to take care, considering idleness as a defect. He likes to meet people and needs to mingle with others to feel alive. Very sociable, Josselyn likes to participate in meetings. Friendship is very important to him and can make him quite possessive. He knows how to be persuasive and defend his opinions to the end.


Joscelin, Jocelin, Jocelyn.

His party :

We celebrate the Josselyn December 13 at the same time as the Josselin.

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