Name Joévin - Meaning and origin

Name Joévin - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Joévin, male first name, is the French version of "Jaoua" of Breton origin. "Jaoua" comes from "iou" or "ieu" in Welsh. They both mean "puine".

Admittedly, Joevin is an Armorican name that has managed to stand up to the popularity of more contemporary first names, but it has hardly crossed the borders of the Breton peninsula. It is estimated that about twenty young Joévin are born every year.


Joevin Jones, Trinidadian footballer

Originally from Wales, Saint Jaoua accompanied Saint Pol Aurélien, his uncle, in the evangelization of different regions. He built a monastery, became bishop of Leon and died godfully in 554. His tomb is still in one of the chapels of Plouvien.

His character :

Joevin loves life and companionship. His family and friends are an important part of his life and his heart. Affectionate and gentle, he is also very generous and does everything to please his family. He is also willing and sometimes a bit stubborn, but always for the good cause!


There is no derivative for people with the first name Joévin.

His party :

Saint Joévin is celebrated on March 2nd.

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