Name Jeremiah - Meaning and origin

Name Jeremiah - Meaning and origin

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Jeremiah is the English version of the first name "Jeremiah", "Jeremy" or "Jeremy". These names come from the Hebrew etymon "Yirmyahu". Composed of "yirme" which means "to raise" and "yahvee" which means "god", the ultimate meaning of Jeremiah can be "brought up by God" or "God is high".


The famous Jeremiahs in history are relatively numerous. We can mention Namibian footballer Jeremiah Baisako, English composer Jeremiah Clarke, English astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks, American basketball player Jeremiah Massey, professional ice hockey player Jeremiah McCarthy, astrophysicist Jeremiah Ostriker, the director Canadian Jeremiah S. Chechik, American football player Jeremiah White and African-American pastor Jeremiah Wright. Geremia Bonomelli was a Catholic bishop of Italian origin around the 19th century. "Jeremiah Johnson" is an American cinematographic film directed by Sydney Pollack and inspired by real events, including the story of Mountaineer "Johnson the Liver-eater".

His character :

At first, you may think that Jeremiah is someone secretive, timid and reserved. However, once his knowledge is done and he gets used to your company, expect endless laughs, jokes at will, a bit of daring and a hint of madness. Outings with Jeremiah are never boring. Certainly, these men can be sensitive and quiet, but they are almost always balls of energy. They have the ability to turn the banal of conversations into lively debate.


Geremia, Jeremy, Jeremiah, Jeremias, Jeremie, Jerry ...

His party :

We honor the Jeremiah on the first of May.

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