Prénom Julie - Meaning and origin

Prénom Julie - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Feminine Jules ... the name Julie has the same Latin etymology oulos : "whole, in the natural state".


French tennis player Julie Halard, French actresses Julie Depardieu, Julie Gayet, Julie Delpy, French actress Julie Andrieu, American actress Julie Benz.

Sainte Julie is the patroness of Corsica. In the seventh century, Julie and her sister Devote were slaves, bought by a merchant in the port of Carthage. They escaped during a stopover in Corsica, where they preached their faith. Refusing to abjure their religion, they were crucified.

His character :

Sweet and charming, Julie is very pleasant to work with. She radiates joy of life and loves to have fun with her friends. She gets along with everyone and always makes sure to calm down conflicts if there are any. She has the maternal fiber and likes to take care of her relatives. Communicative and welcoming, Julie easily makes friends and easily acquires the sympathy of those around her. An extravert, she never goes unnoticed and is good at relaxing the atmosphere


Gilian, Jili, Jill, Julia, Juliana, Juliana, Julienne, Julietta, Juliet and Juline.

His party :

The Julie are celebrated on April 8th.

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