Name Henry - Meaning and origin

Name Henry - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Henry is a derivative of Henry and comes from the Germanic terms "heim" which means "house" or "home" and "rik", which means "king".


Henry Ford, founder of automaker Ford, the American politician Henry Kissinger, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, the American actor Henry Fonda or the English composer Henry Mancini.
Henry has for patron saint Henry. The latter, Duke of Bavaria, became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by the grace of the Pope in 1002. Married to St. Cunegonde, he respected the vow of total chastity of it. Evangelizer and protector of the Church, he died in 1024.

There are 8 other saints and Blessed Henri, including Blessed Henri Suso, mystic Dominican, illuminated authentic and fine thinker close to Master Eckhart.

His character :

Sociable, organized and very dedicated, Henry is particularly sensitive and endowed with an acute critical mind. Generally very calm and calm, he likes stability and seeks balance between the different poles of his personality, because he can be rough and wise, secret and open, very voluntary and yet not dynamic, introverted sometimes, extrovert others ... Very modest, it is quite territorial and is respectful of his personal space. Henry is very sociable, organized and dedicated.


Henri, Henriette, Enrico (Spanish), Henrique (Portuguese), Heinrich (German), Heinz (Polish), Henrik (Swedish)

His party :

Henry is celebrating on July 13th.

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