Junien Meaning - Origin and Names

Junien Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Etymologically, the name Junien comes from the Latin "junis" meaning "June".
Junien also comes from the Latin "juno", the name of a deity. Daughter of Saturn and wife of Jupiter, she predicted meetings and maternities.


No Junien yet known ...

Baptized at 15 by Saint Rémi, Junien answered "the call" of God. He left his childhood home and crossed half of Gaul. He built his hermitage in the Limousin, near that of his initiator to the spiritual life, Saint Amand. During an epidemic of plague, he devoted himself to the sick.

His character :

Junien is a very endearing being thanks to its softness and sensitivity. Quite reserved, however, it is endowed with enormous enthusiasm. When motivated, Junien is capable of great achievements. Full of will, this man pursues his objectives with tenacity. To thrive, he needs the affection of those around him because he is hypersensitive.


Jun, Juno, Juni and Junius.

His party :

The Juniens are honored on October 16th.

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