Name Kader - Meaning of the Name

Name Kader - Meaning of the Name

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Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Kader means "powerful", "effective" or "rich".


Abdul Abdelkader Keïta, better known as Kader Keita, is an Ivorian football player.
Kader Khan is an Indian screenwriter, actor, producer and scriptwriter.
Kader Aoun or Abd-el-Kader Aoun by his real name is a French-Algerian screenwriter, a director and a film producer.
Kader Arif is a politician of French origin.
Kader Attou is a French dancer and choreographer of hip-hop and contemporary dance.

His character :

Kader is a boy with a strong personality and certain magnetism. Although he has a timid and reserved attitude, he wants to impose himself in society and impress his entourage. Both extroverted and introverted, he can be sociable, endearing and charming, then lonely and centered on him. Kader can be courteous and tactful on occasion. However, despite all his know-how and diplomacy, he is not immune to mistakes of any kind. This great gourmet with refined looks appreciates all the pleasures of life, no matter their shape. Although seeming superficial, he always puts his duties and responsibilities in the foreground. With a strong will, Kader sometimes feels doubt and fear. Nevertheless, once he has made a decision, he shows an unwavering motivation that drives him to complete his tasks at any price. Demanding and authoritarian, Kader can be susceptible, and even violent, when opposing his plans or decisions.


Kadder, Khader and Kadin.

His party :

There is no party for people named Kader.

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