Kadia Meaning - Origin and Names

Kadia Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Kadia is a variant of Khadija. In the Hebrew language, it means "jug".


Khadija Benguenna is a journalist of Algerian origin.
Kady Adoum-Douass is a French journalist.

His character :

Kadia is an ambitious girl who is desperate to succeed. Haughty and proud, there emanates from her an aura of coldness dissuading others from approaching her. While being distant, she does what she can to be feared by others. However, under this facade of hardness hides a sensitive and pleasant person who is afraid of being hurt by revealing himself completely. Kadia is a whole and passionate girl. Once in her privacy, she is friendly and ready to do anything to help others. When she makes a decision, she stands by her choices and does everything to achieve her goals. She puts all her heart to work and refuses any form of failure. If she does not get what she wants, she can be sour, bitter and sensitive. In the professional field or everyday life, Kadia shows an extraordinary ability. Gifted for manual work as for speeches, she can do anything. Showing a great intelligence and an extraordinary wit, nothing is out of his reach. Dynamic and energetic, she constantly needs to work hard to feel good. Although shy and reserved, Kadia is a true born leader. Being able to galvanize others, she can get the best of a team. Organized and disciplined, it respects the deadlines that are given to it and offers to others a work of quality.


Kadidia, Kadidja, Kady, Khadija, Khadija, Khady and Khedidja.

His party :

There is no party for people with the name Kadia.

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