Name Karel - Meaning and origin

Name Karel - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Karel is a male name of Germanic origin, which can also be used as a surname. Frequently used in the Czech Republic, Karel remains a name rarely attributed in France.

The German meaning of Karel is "man".

Karel corresponds to the French name Charles. The latter has its origins in the name of one of the most powerful rulers of the 9th century, Charlemagne or Karol / Karl.

The female version of Karel is "Karla", "Caroline" in the French language and "Charley" in English culture.

Karel can also come from the contemporary Slavic language and the Latin "Carolus" or "Karolus", which means "refined man".


Karel Lodewijk Georgette Emmerence De Gucht, politician of Belgian origin, Karel ńĆapek, one of the greatest Czechoslovak writers of the 20th century, at the origin of the word "robot" which first appeared in 1920, Karel Appel, sculptor Dutch artist Karel Zeman, cartoonist and director of Czech animated films ...

His character :

Karel is a particularly sociable and lively person. This man, very communicative, demonstrates an extroverted personality. By his gentleness and sensitivity, he attracts people around him. Peaceful and sensitive, he can also show determination and courage. As long as Karel feels encouraged and motivated, he is ready to make efforts. It's your turn !


We do not know any derivatives for this first name.

His party :

The Karel are not celebrated in France.

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