Kassim Meaning - Origin and Names

Kassim Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Kassim is a derivative of the Arabic name Qassim meaning "who shares".


Comoran international footballer Kassim Abdallah Mfoihaia and French rapper Kassim Djae told Alonzo.

His character :

At first, Kassim is mysterious, dreamy and discreet, but soon proves sociable. His family plays an important role in his development. Radiant child, he appreciates the testimonies of affection and love.


Kasandra, Kashif, Kasia, Kasim, Kasimir, Kasimira, Kasper, Kassa, Kassandra, Kassandra, Kacim, Kazim, Kasim, Cassim, Quassim, Casimo, Kacem and Kassem.

His party :

There is no holiday profile for the surname Kassim.

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