Kataline Meaning - Origin and Names

Kataline Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

This name comes from the Greek kataros which means "pure".


No Kataline is yet listed. Your treasure will be perhaps the first to shine?

His character :

Both in his approach to life and in his relationships with others, strength dominates Kataline's personality. She has the art of passing on her opinions and convincing others with unshakeable arguments. Kataline expresses herself with an enthusiasm that makes her want to listen to him. In addition, she has a strength of character that allows her to face the hazards of life with courage. She can not be easily defeated and knows how to learn from her mistakes. Kataline has a fairly developed critical sense. This allows him to develop a sharp and neutral mind. She is also of great spirituality and acts according to values ​​to which she never shies. Kataline gives a lot of herself in her relationships with others. Friendship is almost sacred to her. His great sensitivity is surely for many. Kataline is a smart and confident girl.


Catalina, Katalina, Kattalin, Katalyna, Cathalina, Kathalina, Catalina, Katalin, Kathaline, Katalyn, Katalyne, Kathalyne and Kathalyn ...

His party :

No date is set to celebrate Kataline. Nevertheless, this name deriving from Catherine, it can be celebrated with Catherine on November 25th. St. Catherine was from Alexandria. It is estimated that she was born in 287 AD and died in 305 AD. Virgin and martyr, she would have been cared for by angels and nourished by a heavenly dove in her prison. It was executed to set an example and scare Christians.

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