Name Kateline - Meaning of origin

Name Kateline - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Kateline comes from the Greek "kataros", translating as "pure".


Kateline Chartier is a judoka of French origin.
Saint Catherine is the patron saint of philosophers and teachers.
Kathleen Kennedy is a producer of American cinema.
Kathleen MacLeod is an Australian basketball player.
Kathleen Turner is an American actress.

His character :

Kateline has a keen intelligence and a keen, alert mind. Particularly feminine, it is a smiling and warm woman. Enthusiastic, sociable and vivacious, she is easy to make friends. However, his famous mood swings often disconcert his entourage. Indeed, his character changes according to his emotions. In addition, she is very emotional and often nervous. She is also capricious and undisciplined. That's why she needs to be directed and channeled.

Kateline compares life to a game. Order, compromise, obedience and commitment do not concern her. As a child, she risks being dreamy and scattered. This is why his parents have an interest in teaching him firm principles. She is nevertheless able to make efforts to please those she loves. She is obviously full of affection and her family feels comfortable with her. Romantic and sentimental, she is a passionate traveler fascinated by adventure and the unexpected. Sparkling and intuitive, it can seem proud. She is indeed aware of her many qualities and likely to become unbearable.


Katelyne, Catheline, Kathleen, Cathleen and Catalina.

His party :

The Kateline are celebrated on November 25 and April 29.

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