Keira pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Keira pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Keira is an Arabic-inspired name taken from a term that translates as "excellent" or "good".


British actress Keira Knightley.

His character :

Keira is an independent, willing and dynamic woman. Intuitive, she reveals herself insightful in different areas by trusting in her instinct, but also in her intelligence. Curious from her childhood, she develops a good general culture and is interested in everything. Talkative and optimistic, Keira believes in life and a better future. She refuses to let herself be overwhelmed or defeated by the problems. Stimulated by the challenges, she is never discouraged and always finds a way to transcend the situation. Knowing how to learn from mistakes, Keira sees chess as an opening to another solution.
In friendship, Keira surprises with her loyalty and sincerity. Frankly, she does not hide her thoughts and prefers to talk face to face with the person with whom she has a discord for example. Generous, she always reaches out to her friends. Enemy of false pretenses, Keira knows how to recognize them at first contact and avoids them to the maximum. Loving to be surrounded, she makes friends without any problem. His ability to adapt also allows him to find his place in any group.
In love, Keira is a sensual, demonstrative and affectionate woman. Despite her independence from work, she feels a great need for affection and support. His partner will occupy an important place in his emotional life. Adventurous, she is attracted by conquering men, who love traveling and discoveries of all kinds. As a family, Keira is a responsible mother, both strict and tender.


Keyra and Kheira.

His party :

No party known for the Keira.

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