Name Kelan - Meaning and origin

Name Kelan - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Kelan is a derivative of Caolán which is a diminutive of "caol" meaning "slender".


Kelan Luker is a former American footballer and rock player who is currently an American football coach, Kelan Phil Cohran, an American jazz musician.
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The Kelan are celebrated the same day as Saint Caelan. Saint Caelan, also called Mochae, was a monk who studied at the Candida Casa created by Saint Ninian. Subsequently, he founded the Nendrum Monastery on Mahee Island. He died in 497.

His character :

Kelan is a calm and quiet boy who aspires only to harmony. Although he often appears in the clouds, he is a serious person who is aware of his responsibilities. Kelan likes to please and does everything for people to enjoy it. As a family, he often feels obliged to fulfill obligations or constraints. Because people rely on him and he wants to meet the expectations of others, Kelan tends to aim too high in his goals. When he does not reach his goal, he tends to seek security and stability in his surroundings. For Kelan to blossom perfectly, it is advisable to let him fend for himself and not protect him all the time. He likes the company because it allows him to grow. Hypersensitive, Kelan values ​​the values ​​of friendship.


Caolán and Caelan.

His party :

The Kelan are celebrated on January 1st.

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