Name Kenji - Meaning and origin

Name Kenji - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Traditionally, Kenji is a name given to the second son of the siblings in Japan.


Kenji Midoride karateka, Japanese animated film director Kenji Kamiyama (set designer for the TV series "City Hunter", the movie "Kiki, the little witch ..."), Japanese singer Kenji Sawada, Japanese director and screenwriter Kenji Kodama, Japanese film composer Kenji Kawai ...

His character :

In appearance, Kenji is a wary and shy person who may seem introverted. In fact, it hides a great sensitivity. In his daily life, Kenji does not like to take too much risk and plays the caution.
Far from being impressionable or impulsive, he exudes a zen and calm impression, reassuring for those around him.



His party :

We celebrate Kenji on November 1st.

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