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First name - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Kennard refers to Cyneweard and Cyneheard, English surnames that mean "brave".


Kennard Faraon is a young singer and songwriter from San Pablo.
Kennard Garette is a singer and producer of American music specializing in R & B, hip-hop and jingles.
Kenard is a character created by David Simon in the American TV series Dead Soldiers.
Kennard Philipps is the name given to an artistic movement aimed at making people aware of the involvement of politicians in war.

His character :

Kennard is a hyper-emotional person who often responds with a quarter turn. Sometimes smiling, sometimes sad, his singular ability to change mood in no time is surprising. Capricious and enterprising at the same time, he always tries to hold the reins.
Being sociable and extrovert, Kennard thrives in community life. This compassionate soul is always listening to others. This quality of which he rarely divides is very appreciated by his entourage.
Despite his boundless imagination, Kennard is a realistic man who knows how to keep his feet on the ground. Despite his great confidence in himself and his rebellious side, he takes the time to listen and analyze the advice of his relatives.
The women are the Achilles heel of Kennard. It rarely resists the beauty of damsels with long hair and harmonious curves. He is likely to remain an old boy all his life.


Kenard and Kenny.

His party :

No date is assigned to Kennard in the calendar.

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