Name Keran - Meaning and origin

Name Keran - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Keran or Kieran is composed of the words ki and wan which mean respectively "warrior" and "assault".


Keran is a character from the animated film Dragon Age II. He is among the recruits of the Kirkwall Temple.
Rugby player Kieran Foran plays as an opening half, scrum-half and center on the Manly Sea Eagles team.
The American actor Kieran Culkin made his debut in the world of cinema with the saga Mom, I missed the plane.

His character :

Keran is a being who advocates simplicity and kindness as a philosophy of life. Quiet and rested, he never acts hastily, but takes the time to measure the scope of his actions. A diplomat of nature, Keran rarely fights with his entourage. On the contrary, his relatives solicit him frequently enough to settle disputes. Insensitive to the provocations of malicious people, this conciliatory man wants to maintain a certain harmony in his daily life.
People often interpret this trait as a sign of weakness. Yet, Keran exudes a certain strength that does not go unnoticed. Some women will be intimidated, others dazzled. Faithful to his sense of altruism, he will be happy to comfort the ladies who will need the safety of his powerful arms.
Keran is also distinguished by his intelligence and insight. Optimistic by nature, he always sees the good side of situations. These qualities will quickly lead him to the top of his professional career. Spoiled by Mother Nature, Keran seems to excel in all areas.



His party :

Keran is celebrated on March 5th.

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