Kiara Meaning - Origin and Names

Kiara Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Italians

Meaning of the name:

Kiara is a variant of "Ciara". Coming from the Irish "Ciaran", this name means "brown beauty".
"Kiara" can also be considered a derivative of the Italian first name "Chiara", or "Claire".


There are no celebrities with the name "Kiara".
In the movie "The Lion King 2", Kiara is daughter of Simba and Nala.
St. Clair is the founder of the "Order of the Poor Ladies" or "Poor Clares".

His character :

Kiara stands out for his strong character. The rebel spirit, she claims her independence. She often adopts anarchist behavior, not liking to be directed. His refusal to abide by the rules of society may be frowned upon by some. She uses it to express her great desire for freedom. Basically, Kiara lives from day to day. Woman with a fiery temperament, it is better not to disturb her in her activities at the risk of suffering her black anger. However, her natural charisma makes her an attractive woman.

In the professional world, Kiara is a fighter. Overflowing with energy and will, nothing can stop him in the realization of his plans. At work, as elsewhere, she always tries to be productive.

In love, Kiara is domineering. She likes to take the reins and her companion will have to do it. Possessive and uncompromising, she is not always easy to live with.


Chiara, Chiarra, Ciara, Ciaran, Claire, Kiarha.

His party :

The people named "Kiara" are honored on August 11th.

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