Name Kohana - Meaning and origin

Name Kohana - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Indians, Japanese

Meaning of the name:

In Sioux language, the name Kohana means "fast". For the Zuñi Indians, it means "white".
In the land of the rising sun, this name takes on a whole new meaning. By decomposition, the Japanese roots "Ko" and "Hana" emerge, meaning respectively "small" and "flower".


Few celebrities bear the name "Kohana".
Among the fictional characters so named are Kohana Uzumaki, Kohana Asashi or Kohana Karu.

His character :

Kohana loves human contact. With a smile on his face, Kohana is always welcoming. Her affable personality and sympathy make her a pleasant person to live. However, she needs recognition from her family because she likes to feel appreciated.

With a heart full of generosity, Kohana is helpful and willing. She even tends to do a little too much. By altruism, he sometimes acts without having been solicited.

With an overflowing imagination, Kohana is interested in adventure and other superstitions. This disposition helps her to have a little more confidence in herself.

In bad passes, Kohana tends to look for easy solutions. Thus, we will sometimes see lax and fanciful, waiting for a little help from his lucky star. It is necessary to force her hand to take responsibility. Instead of working, Kohana likes to have a good time.


No derivatives.

His party :


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