Name Koto - Meaning and origin

Name Koto - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name "Koto" is inspired by the name of the traditional Japanese instrument.


Few celebrities bear the name "Koto", if not the photographer Koto Bolofo or comedian Koto Diawo. Among the fictional characters are the ninja guardian of the ultimate genjutsu technique Koto Amatsukami (in the Naruto manga) and Dr. Koto (fictional character imagined by Takatoshi Yamada).

His character :

Koto is a friendly and fun girl whose company we are looking for. Overflowing with vitality, she is always on the alert. Add to that a strong emotivity and Koto becomes a real time bomb! Courageous, she chases the challenges and always comes out victorious thanks to his quick wit and his sense of method. Ambitious, she sets goals out of reach. However, her foolproof motivation will take her to the top of her aspirations.

In the world of work, Koto will be interested in the field of childcare and psychology. Young, she will already love to take care of children, pamper them, educate them ... Side heart, it tends to idealize the loved one at the risk of being enormously disappointed. Once engaged in a relationship, she is totally dependent and submissive. However, its tolerance has limits. Giving a lot of importance to morality, she hardly forgives infidelity.


There are no derivatives for the name "Koto".

His party :

There are no dates dedicated to the so-called "Koto".

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