Name Kyria - Meaning and origin

Name Kyria - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Hebrews, Persians

Meaning of the name:

From its Hebrew origin, the first name Kyria means "city".
In Greek culture, Kyria is derived from the ancient term "kyrie" referring to Catholic and Orthodox liturgical chant.
From its Persian etymology, this name means "sun".


There is no celebrity named Kyria.

His character :

Extremely feminine, Kyria is a charming and attractive person. Resist him is very difficult.
Kyria has an extremely developed spirit of independence. Profoundly proud, she does not like asking for help from others. Proud enough, she enjoys being the center of attention and appreciates the compliments.
Despite her independent side, Kyria is a very romantic person with a strong emotivity.


Kiria, Kiriah, Ciria and Cyria.

His party :

No party is dedicated to people named Kyria.

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