Laïs Meaning and Meaning

Laïs Meaning and Meaning

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Meaning of the name:

The name Laïs is a derivative of Lazarian or Lazare. Derived from the Hebrew word "El azar", it means "God helped".


Lais of Corinth was a famous Greek courtesan of the fifth century.
Lais Souza is a former gymnast of Brazilian origin.
Lais Ribeiro is a Brazilian model.
Lais Pine is an actress of Brazilian origin.

His character :

Laïs is a gentle and sensitive girl who needs help to feel good and to blossom. When you do not know her well, you might think she's pretentious and cold, but in reality, it's just a mask to hide her weakness and hypersensitivity. Being vulnerable, Lais is afraid of attaching herself to anyone. Distrustful and cautious, she does not trust her easily. However, once comfortable, she turns out to be a reliable and caring friend. She is also an introvert who delights in secrecy and solitude. Preferring to flee others, she feels at ease only when she is surrounded by her family or closest acquaintances. Refined and seductive, Laïs overflows with grace. Although she is sweet and charming, this girl is hard to influence and sticks to her principles. Once her word is given, she does everything to keep her promise. For her, the most important thing is friendship and love. Even if at the beginning it is difficult to convince her to bond with others, once she is conquered, she shows unfailing loyalty.


Laia and Laya.

His party :

The Lais are celebrated on April 18th.

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