Laureline Name - Meaning and Origin

Laureline Name - Meaning and Origin

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The name Laureline comes from the combination of first names Laure and Line which is the diminutive of Adeline. This name was invented in 1967 by Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin. It was given to the heroine of the comic book "Bad dreams". The name Laureline is close to the Latin word "laurus" which means "laurel". "Laurus" can also mean "laurel wreath".


Lauréline Kuntz, actress, comedian and French author, Laureline Jacquot, also known as Laureline Amanieux, French writer and documentary filmmaker, Laureline Mattiussi, French author known for her comics, Laureline Michaut or Laurel, French illustrator and cartoonist.
The Laurelines are celebrated at the same time as Saint Laurent. Laurent of Rome was one of the seven deacons of the Roman Church, the treasurer of the Church and the one who gave money to the poor. He was martyred on a grill in Rome in 258.

His character :

Laureline is a secret and complex girl with a strong personality. Showing herself both spontaneous and thoughtful, Laureline's actions are often not in accord with her words. Overflowing with vitality and emotion, she is also susceptible. Loving to cultivate the secret and the mystery, Laureline conceals her doubts and her feeling of inferiority under a mobile and nervous attitude. Strange and original, she likes to ask questions and question everything. Non-conformist, she prefers to follow the own paths of her reflection.


Laura, Laure, Laureline, Loreline, Laurelyne, Lorelyne, Lauraine, Lauri, Loren and Lorena.

His party :

The Laurelines are celebrated on August 10th.

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