Laurena Meaning - Origin and Names

Laurena Meaning - Origin and Names

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Meaning of the name:

The name Laurena is a derivative of Laura. It comes from the Latin word "laurus" which means "laurel".


Laurene Powell Jobs is the co-founder and chair of the College Track Board. She is also a major shareholder of The Walt Disney Company.
Laurene Landon is an American film and television actress. Lauren Bacall is an American-born film and theater actress.
Lauren Lane is an American actress. Lauren Graham is another American actress.
What star seed will your daughter be?

The Laurena are celebrated the same day as Saint Laurent. Lawrence of Rome was one of the seven deacons of the Roman Church. Guardian of the treasure, it was his business to distribute the money to the poor. He died martyred on a grill in 258.

His character :

Laurena is a girl with a strong personality and a certain charisma. Its character is most often similar to that of a man, because it is authoritarian, ambitious, energetic and courageous. Possessing a great sense of reality, she knows how to seize all the opportunities that come her way. Laurena is materialistic and impatient. To satisfy her tastes of luxury and her love of beautiful things, she does not hesitate to work twice as hard as the others. However, by too much involvement in her work, she ends up being intolerant towards others. Unsatisfied, she can be hard, even brutal. Laurena is a character with a contradictory spirit and often showing obstinacy or bad faith. She particularly enjoys leading others to the baguette. If his entourage does not show himself firm with her, she will consider that all the attention is given to her. Holding fiercely to her freedom, Laurena does not appreciate that we try to restrict her by entrusting her with choking tasks. Faced with all forms of constraint, she reacts with roughness and impulsiveness.


Laureen, Laurene, Lauren, Laurenna, Laurenn, Laurenne, Laureena and Laureene.

His party :

The Laurena are celebrated on August 10th.

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