Name Leyla - Meaning and origin

Name Leyla - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Greeks, Hebrews, Latins

Meaning of the name:

In Arabic culture, "Leyla" means "companion of the night", symbol of fidelity.
Seen from another angle, "Leyla" can be considered as derived from "Clélie", inspired by the Latin "clavis". It would then be the "key".
Referring to his Hebrew variant "Elijah", the first name translates as "Yahweh is God".


Turkish soprano Leyla Gencer (nicknamed "La diva turca"), Iranian athlete Leyla Rajabi (shot put specialist), German politician Leyla Onur, volleyball player Leyla Tuifua, Azerbaijani journalist Leyla Aliyeva, model-actress and stylist Leyla Milani ...

His character :

Leyla always tries to keep some balance in her life. She knows not only how to organize her schedule, but also how judicious she is about her priorities. Very attached to the family, she is caring for her family. She stubbornly refuses to be absorbed by her work to the detriment of her family life. Leyla is simply a woman with a big heart. She gives without expecting anything in return.

In society, Leyla is very small. She's definitely not the kind of girl sitting on the first bench in the classroom. Nevertheless, even if she is a little shy, Leyla is not so much an unsocial! It is enough to know how to approach it to discover its many qualities. Once established, you will not be able to do without his company!


Leila, Leily, Leilla, Leyli, Leili, Leilah ...

His party :

There is no holiday for people with the name Leyla.

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